Test Tools for the Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and Medical Industry.

Modern vehicles are software intensive machines and include networks of many ECUs. The data flowing on these networks are valuable and need to be analyzed thoroughly and continuously for better performance and higher quality end products.

ProVER is a solution which enables automatic checking of non-conformances in the data logs with respect to provided specifications. ProVER can perform this analysis both online (live data) and offline (log files).


ProVER works well with popular dataloggers such as Vector and TTTechAuto's products.

It can be executed through command line interface or via its GUI.

It supports file formats such as: ASC, BLF, MDF and TTL. Input files can be provided in Excel, CSV, ARXML and JSON formats.

By the help of its extendible architecture, we can tailor ProVER to fit your unique business needs.

Usage and Benefits
ProVER, enables software intensive-high data networked automotive/platform developers’ test engineers to analyze and diagnose anomalies more efficiently either at laboratories or at the field by monitoring time-stamped and correlated ECU messages.

Use ProVER to;

- Reduce Test Engineering efforts and enables effective analysis and detection of anomalies.
- Enable on-field testing and diagnostic analysis.
- Enable focusing on vicinities of anomalies instead of analyzing terabytes’ of data logs.
- Provide an efficient way to check many inconsistencies hidden within the log files

-Live monitoring of bi-directional flow of ECU data
-Graphical User Interface to visualize the source of anomalies
-Live analysis of performance indicators in the form of graphics
-Visualization of Routing Tables
-Script Editor for Test Engineers to insert additional rules
-Anomaly detection using AI
-Integration with existing datalogging systems