Project Management

Activities for the project lifecycle are planned and documented in a Project Management Plan at the beginning of projects and all projects are managed, monitored and reported according to this plan Risks are monitored throughout the project and necessary mitigation plans are implemented to reduce these risks.
The Proven Project Management Process enables us to manage our projects smoothly while monitoring the progress “without any surprises”.

Requirements Analysis & Management

Functional and operational requirements of the system to be developed are determined.
All requirements are monitored with traceability matrices at every stage of the development process, ensuring that customer requirements are fully implemented into the products.
Within the context of requirements management, requirement changes are monitored, impacts of change are analyzed and the results are reflected plans and other business products.

Architectural Design & Detailed Design

Architecture alternatives that meet the system/software requirements are evaluated and a decision is made for the best alternative that meets the requirements is selected.
Next, the detailed design of the system/software is documented in preparation for the implementation phase.

Implementation & Unit Tests

During this phase software is implemented, coding is performed, software components and hardware components(if any) are prepared.
During the Unit Testing phase, each software/hardware unit is isolated and tested independently.


Although the testing phase will be completed at the end of the project, activities related to testing start with the test planning at the beginning of the project.
Tests can be performed at different levels (software tests, integration tests, system tests etc). Tests can be executed at different phases according to the selected lifecycle (i.e.: at the end of each iteration).
Any software/system that will be delivered to the customer is tested and approved by the Proven Test Experts in prior to delivery.

Peer Review Activities

Any work products developed during the is peer reviewed as specified in the Quality Assurance Plan.
The Peer Reviews are performed by staff who did not take a role in the development of the related work product.
The main purpose of the Review is to discover the defects in the work product as early as possible.


Measurements related to processes and products are collected throughout the project are collected in accordance with the Process Improvement Plan or in the Quality Assurance Plan.
The actual values of these measurements are compared with the related objectives and monitored and stored in the organizational measurement repository.
The measurement results are analyzed and necessary corrective actions are taken accordingly. These measurements are also used as a basis for estimations and plans in future projects."